Eastern Region Foundations:

Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic Foundation and
Newark-Wayne Community Hospital Foundation

Better Together: Neighbors Helping Neighbors

This year, the Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic Foundation and the Newark-Wayne Community Hospital Foundation joined forces to host two outstanding events:

  • Eastern Region Golf Classic at Clifton Springs Country Club
  • Eastern Region Tastings Showcase at the Granger Homestead in Canandaigua

It is in this spirit of camaraderie and shared resources that both organizations will look to build for the future prosperity of health care in Rochester Regional Health’s Eastern Region.  Over the next several years, we will focus fundraising efforts on a number of capital and programmatic initiatives that will directly impact patient care in this area.   While the staff in the Foundations have partnered together operationally, the funds raised for each respective Foundation stay with that Foundation.

Our partnership with Rochester Regional Health is vital to this effort as it will help each hospital attain these goals by improving access to a wide range of resources.  We will also look to the community for additional support and are hopeful that friends and neighbors will rally behind our efforts.

For more information about how you can help fundraising efforts at Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic or Newark-Wayne Community Hospital, please contact Brad Pearson at Brad.Pearson@RochesterRegional.org


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