Foundations Leadership

Rochester Regional Health Foundations volunteer leaders serve on boards that represent all five of our hospitals. They give of their time, talents and treasure for the good of the organization, serving as ambassadors, informed advocates, strategic advisors and valuable resources. We appreciate our many volunteer leaders and are honored to recognize them for their distinguished service.

In 2014, the boards for Rochester General Hospital Foundation and Unity Health Foundation were consolidated into one board of directors. With leadership from both hospitals, Foundations President Michele Grazulis and her team work with the board to define, manage and execute Foundations goals.

Board of Directors
Robert George, Sr., MD - Co-Chair
Leon T. Sawyko, Esq. - Co-Chair
Cynthia Christy, MD - Med. Liaison
Carl Luger, Jr. - Secretary & Treasurer
Elizabeth Patton, PhD - Secretary & Treasurer

Josephine Braitman
David Broadbent, MD
Donald Cameron
Louise Epstein
David Germano
Lois Irwin
Rahul Kohli
Richard Machemer, Ph.D.
Mark Meyer
Thomas P. Riley
Teresa M. Robach
Patrick Rogers
Katherine Schumacher
Tim Shanahan
Gwen Sterns, MD
Don Twietmeyer, Esq., CPA
Roberta Van Winkle
James Vazzana, Esq.
Patricia Wehle
James Whelehan
Eric Bieber, MD - Ex-Officio
Michele Grazulis - President, Foundations

In conjunction with Dustin Riccio, MD, who serves as president for both hospitals, the Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic Board of Directors and Newark-Wayne Community Hospital Board of Directors oversee the future growth and development of Rochester Regional Health’s presence in the eastern region of our community.

Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic Foundation Board of Directors
Robert Woodhouse – Chair
Lew Zulick, MD – Treasurer
Cheryl Zulick
Mary Lue Mueller
Azfar Ahmed, MD 
Kevin Christiano

Newark-Wayne Community Hospital Foundation Board of Directors
Susie Earl - Chair
Hank Stuart – Vice Chair
CJ Britt  - Treasurer
Frank All - Secretary
Cheryl DeMeyers
Doug Doebler
Kaye Stone-Gansz
Walt Hallagan
Christine Lachnicht
Rosemary Thomas
Judy Watt
Martha Wemett

In conjunction with hospital President Dan Ireland, the United Memorial Medical Center Foundation Board of Directors oversees the future of healthcare and the successful attainment of Rochester Regional Health goals in Batavia and the surrounding counties.

Board of Directors
David R. Ciurzynski - President
Lee Cummings - Vice President
Thomas Felton - Treasurer
Michael McKenzie - Secretary
Christine Fix
Richard Henry
Julie Holman
Rebecca Long
Joe Perzia
Laurie Pfaff
Kati Sisson
Terri Starowitz
Reid Whiting
Andrea Zucchiatti, MD
Daniel P. Ireland - Ex-Officio
Lori Aratari - Executive Director
Loretta S. Boylan - Director Emeritus