Campaign for RRH

To care for the greatest number of people in the communities we serve, we are improving the reach and breadth of our programs because…

Availability Matters

Having a broad regional footprint requires that we do more to provide comprehensive care closer to where people live and work. We don’t believe convenient care should be a privilege, which is why we’re committed to expanding our physical presence and care capabilities for all ages, across the region. Your support helps ensure we are able to address health problems earlier to avoid the need for more costly, acute medical attention down the road.

Empathy Matters

What if it were me? That is a question we constantly ask ourselves when looking for ways to improve how we serve the community. Now, we ask you to consider what services you would want to be available for a friend struggling with drug addiction, a parent who needs in-home medical care or a daughter who is pregnant with her first child? Your gift allows us to provide primary and dental care, nutrition counseling, job training and a variety of other services to the vulnerable and at-risk members of our community.

Opportunities for Support

Senior Care
 Expansion of ElderOne/PACE
 Renovations to living centers

Women’s Health
Expansion of Breast Center
Healthy Moms program

Behavioral Health
Expansion of chemical dependency program
Adolescent Community Residence program

 Healthcare for the Homeless program
 Center for Refugee Health