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“The words ‘You have cancer’ are world-shattering and carry a ripple effect that touches the lives of family, friends and community members. That’s why we hope for the best possible care, delivered in the best possible way. As a community, we need to help give all patients the tools and support they need to battle their disease.

This includes pairing cutting-edge technology and world-class environments with a patient-focused approach that delivers multifaceted, coordinated care. Our amazing medical teams cannot stand alone in their fight against cancer and blood disorders. They need our help. Together, we can improve the health of our community, one patient at a time.”

Dawn Lipson 
Because Care Matters Campaign 
Chair, Cancer Care


For more information on supporting cancer-related projects or programs within the Because Care Matters Campaign, please call the Foundations office at 585.922.4800 or submit the Contact Us form.