Standardizing Exceptional Care

We’re Aiming to be a Premier Cancer Care Provider

The reason is simple: we have to. Statistically, you or someone you know currently has, or has fought cancer. The prevalence of this devastating disease drives our efforts to expand our services, upgrade our technology, and create more comprehensive facilities where patients can receive compassionate, high-touch care. Every staff member at the Lipson Cancer Institute is dedicated to treating the patient rather than the disease, making them strong partners and comforting friends in the fight for a healthy, cancer-free life.

Bringing Care to Patients

Because coping with the disease is often one of a person’s most difficult life experiences, we have made it our mission to ensure their treatments are as accessible and straightforward as possible. We’re doing this through:

  • A new oncology center at Unity Hospital
  • A larger presence at Rochester General Hospital, within the new Sands-Constellation Center for Critical Care, including an inpatient acute care unit
  • More infusion and exam spaces at our Linden Oaks Medical Campus and other locations

We can’t control who cancer affects, but we’re doing everything in our power to make sure they can fight it close to home.

Striving for Excellence

Cancer is a life-shaking diagnosis. And those who receive it, need the reassurance that it’s the beginning of a fight rather than the end. At the Lipson Cancer Institute, every patient has an expert multidisciplinary care team of medical and radiation oncologists and leading cancer surgeons that provide specialized treatment plans. And it’s only going to get better—we’re introducing a new pharmacy at Rochester General, replacing aging equipment, optimizing care environments and enhancing our navigation and survivorship programs to continually deliver the best possible outcomes.

Your Support Matters

A gift to the Lipson Cancer Institute is a gift to the entire community and generations to come. Until we discover how to eradicate cancer it will continue to be a part of our lives. As something we experience together, it’s something we should fight together.

Your support ensures the most compassionate care and the most advanced care is available across the region.