Dustin Riccio

Turning Traditional into Exceptional

What kind of hospital do we want for ourselves, our families, our friends? We have the privilege of asking that question because in 1850, Dr. Henry Foster began cultivating a medical campus that has grown to become Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic.

Dr. Foster’s endeavor was not only the beginning of our hospital, but also the beginning of Clifton Springs itself, as he helped shape and develop the surrounding community. His legacy has since been inextricably linked to the history of our town, as well as the values of its healthcare.

Our hospital has stewarded a culture of health and healing for more than 165 years. And in our modern era, delivering outstanding care has become the backbone of a proud tradition. But tradition can be an anchor that holds us in a safe position or a beacon that guides us into new territory—maintain the status quo or build upon it. Every generation has a choice, and the Because Care Matters Campaign is the opportunity to make ours.

It’s time for us to challenge long-established norms in the interest of progress toward better care, better experiences and better outcomes. To that end, our outpatient Medical Village will be a first, and considerable, step forward. How far we go will be decided by how well we work together.

We have celebrated and preserved our history. Now let’s make history by doing something that will be remembered for generations to come.

Dustin Riccio, MD
President, Eastern Region 

Making history: The Lisk-Morris Family Challenge

 Now’s the time for you to make history for the Clifton Springs community! At Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic, not only are we fortunate to serve our community, but we are fortunate to have community members that continue to support our mission. The Morris Family and the G.W. Lisk Co. have joined forces to raise funds in support of the Medical Village project at Clifton Springs by launching the Lisk-Morris Family Challenge.

The Lisk-Morris Family Challenge calls upon our community to join in on the support. Not only have the Morris Family and G.W. Lisk pledged $3 million to the Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic but through the rest of 2019, G.W. Lisk and the Morris family will match ALL donations to the hospital, up to a total of $1.5 million!

We are challenging each of our community members to join in support of our local community hospital. Any gift of any amount, including bequests and deferred gifts, counts toward the challenge. Thank you for your continued support of
Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic.

Click here to give directly through the Lisk-Morris Family Challenge.   

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