A History of Care

Inspired by the curative reputation of the sulfur springs, Henry Foster, MD, chose Clifton Springs as the site for his medical practice. That was in 1850, but his vision for treating and healing the community continues to guide Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic today which is most visible at The Springs Integrative Medicine Center and Spa. While staying true to its roots, the hospital has grown to offer a wealth of services and now stands at the edge of a new era.

Part of Rochester Regional Health’s Eastern Region, Clifton Springs is a 262- bed, full-service hospital that not only provides access to quality care to several surrounding communities, but also serves as an integral part of Clifton Springs itself. A DNV-GL Quality Based Accredited Hospital and among those to have been recognized as one of Forbes America’s Best Employers, Clifton Springs has set high standards and continues to surpass them as part of its mission to provide a continuum of high-quality services.

Milestones in Care

1850 The first building of Dr. Henry Foster’s medical practice opens
1854 Dr. Foster’s practice becomes known as Clifton Springs Water Cure
1871 The Water Cure’s expansion prompts a name change to Clifton
Springs Sanitarium Company
1926 Construction of the Woodbury Building, which held physicians’
offices and expanded hospital services
1971 Dedication of the new Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic
2004 A wing of the hospital is renovated to house The Springs Integrative
Medicine & Spa Center
2015 Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic becomes a full Rochester Regional
Health affiliate

Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic has been the heart of the community it calls home since its inception. And in many ways, they have grown in tandem. Through a transformation of our outpatient care through a Medical Village and additional modernization projects, we are taking bold steps that will require considerable partnership and support.