Building a Better Future

We are Only Getting Started

The Medical Village represents the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Clifton Springs. So, what does the future look like? State-of-the-art. Our surgeons will be able to perform more advanced procedures. Patients and families will have more comfortable, stress-reducing amenities and spaces. And we will build upon the rich history contained in our physical structures and surrounding environment in a way that elicits confidence from our patients and pride from our community.

Overall, our physical spaces will be undergoing enhancements that better reflect who we are and the level of care we provide. At the foundation of all of this is our priority to provide the best possible care to those who rely on us most.

Building a Better Future

Your Support Matters

We have come a long way since the time of Dr. Foster’s Clifton Springs, and now have the opportunity to further build on that heritage. The Because Care Matters Campaign has enlivened our aspirations and given us exciting momentum. With your help, we can make today’s Clifton Springs our legacy.