Mary Dombovy

Taking the Next Step

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke, brain tumors, multiple sclerosis—all of these are painfully familiar to us because they are among the most challenging healthcare issues we face today. However, they represent only a small portion of the disorders and conditions we care for within Rochester Regional Health Neurosciences.

Our neurosciences program is incredibly diverse, and it has to be. Our care is focused on the brain, the most complex and least understood organ, and its fragile message carrier, the spinal cord. When either is affected by disease or injury, the necessary care often requires the inclusion of multiple disciplines. And because that work is often helping someone cope with the incurable, recover from the traumatic or survive the potentially fatal, it needs to be exceptional. It also needs to be more coordinated, more versatile and more readily available to more people.

The way we accomplish all of this is to create a neurosciences institute. The Because Care Matters Campaign’s $300 million fundraising goal is representative of the facilities, program, and unrestricted support that will help us build a network that improves the efficiency and quality of neurological care in our region.

Together, we can connect patients, wherever they are in our system, to distinguished specialists and experts and innovative neurotechnology that improves their function, as well as the way we diagnose, treat and monitor their conditions.

I know much of what we’re up against can create a sense of helplessness. Here’s your chance to help. Help us reduce the impact of neurological disease and trauma in our community. Help us make a stand.

Mary Dombovy, MD
Vice President, Neurology & Rehabilitative Medicine

A Neurosciences Institute
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