Dustin Riccio

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My grandfather grew up in a time and place where his doctor was also everyone else’s doctor. One person took care of an entire community, and as a result, became a well-respected and beloved part of it. Today, Newark-Wayne Community Hospital is essentially that doctor for Wayne County.

Newark-Wayne is the county’s only hospital. For the majority of a population exceeding 92,000, we are the primary provider of services, ranging from routine medical consultations to complicated, life-saving treatments. The community’s dependence on our care drives our unrelenting improvement of its quality because we don’t want it to be adequate, we want it to be exceptional. We don’t want to be a convenience, we want to be a preference. And we don’t want to be only a rural hospital, we want to be the region’s best rural hospital.

The Because Care Matters Campaign is how we will accomplish that.

Through the Campaign, we have the uncommon opportunity to build something that not only benefits us all, but also creates an irreversible standard for our community’s healthcare. Together, we can realize great change for today and create significant momentum for the future.

For the hospital, and its incredible staff that cares for everyone, joining this effort is the best way to say “thank you.”

Dustin Riccio, MD
President, Eastern Region

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