The Sands-Constellation Center for Critical Care

Fifth, Sixth & Eighth Floors—Patient-Centric Care

We’re putting patients at the center of our universe. In many hospitals, the patient goes to where the care is. In our new Center for Critical Care, the care will go to the patient, regardless of how acute the need. The result is a more comfortable, less stressful and safer experience. Furthermore, every room on these floors will be private, and when the center is complete, so will every room in our hospital. This is what the best possible care looks like.

Exceptional. Outstanding. Remarkable. These are the kinds of words we are looking to hear when it comes to our patients’ description of their experience. How do we ensure that happens? We create an environment that enables our care teams to do their jobs efficiently and effectively at every step of our patients’ journeys to good health.

Conceptual rendering of a private patient room
Conceptual rendering of a private patient room

Your Support Matters

With your help, we can deliver better outcomes more often than ever before. The rooms we’re creating are much larger, designed to accommodate more staff and equipment and better able to adapt to the level of care our patients need. That means once a patient is in their room, there are few reasons they should have to leave it.

Your gifts not only raise the level of care we are able to provide, but they also enhance how that care is delivered and how it makes our patients and families feel.