The Sands-Constellation Center for Critical Care

Second Floor—Surgical Care

We’re creating exceptional space for exceptional care providers. Our surgeons and nurses have been performing at an incredibly high level despite limited facilities. Soon they will have 20 new multi-disciplinary operating rooms equipped with technology that matches and magnifies their skill level, allowing us to provide the highest level of care to more patients. The Sands-Constellation Center for Critical Care will put us at the forefront of surgical care and establishes a model of quality for our entire system.

With more than 20,000 annual cases, Rochester General has the system’s busiest operating rooms and is often running at maximum capacity. Our new surgical floor will not only enable us to do more for our community, but it will also give the community access to a facility that rivals or surpasses those found at hospitals larger in size.

The Sands-Constellation Center for Critical Care
Conceptual rendering of an operating room

Your Support Matters

Possibilities become reality when our technology and spaces match our expertise. Your gifts allow us to deliver care in state-of-the-art operating rooms that can accommodate more next-generation equipment, such as robotic and non-invasive technology.

With your help, we won’t have to imagine what is possible. We’ll be able to experience it. And all of it will gradually extend from our hospital to Rochester Regional’s other four hospitals setting a system-wide standard of excellence.