A History of Quality Care

For the majority of the 20th century, Genesee County was home to Genesee Memorial Hospital (originally Batavia Hospital) and St. Jerome Hospital. As the hospitals entered the 1990s, the costs of keeping up with advancements in technology and other capital needs made coexistence impossible. In 2000, the two merged to form United Memorial Medical Center (UMMC).

A dynamic, 131-bed hospital, UMMC strives to promote, enhance and restore health to more than 60,000 area residents and aspires to be their first and most trusted healthcare choice. We are proudly recognized as a Joint Replacement Center of Excellence, New York State-designated Stroke Center and a NICHE Exemplar, which recognizes excellence in care of older adults. We are also the sole maternity service provider for Genesee and Orleans Counties.

United Memorial Medical Center

Milestones in Care

1902 Batavia Hospital established
1917 Sisters of Mercy open St. Jerome Hospital, thanks to Batavia resident Rose Jerome who bequeathed her family home on Bank Street
1952 Batavia Hospital is replaced by Genesee Memorial Hospital
2000 Genesee Memorial and St. Jerome merge to form United Memorial Medical Center
2007 Former St. Jerome campus becomes the Jerome Center, housing diagnostic services and medical practice offices
2010 UMMC receives a 44,000 square-foot addition, featuring a new portico, lobby and five state-of-the-art operating rooms
2015 UMMC becomes a full Rochester Regional Health affiliate
2016 Lipson Cancer Institute adds UMMC location

This is our moment to take our care to a higher level. Right now, the areas of our hospital in most need of our attention are the Department of Radiology and Intensive Care Unit (ICU). As our campaign moves forward we will initiate projects that further help us deliver truly exceptional care, including creating a dedicated palliative care unit and expanding our primary care footprint in collaboration with the Genesee County YMCA.