Douglas Stewart

Strength in Unity

In 1975, our hospital—at that time, Park Ridge Hospital—was built with expansion in mind. The building’s foundations, steel framework and patient wings were all engineered for our growth. On the inside, all beds were in private rooms, an uncommon feature among major care providers in our area. This forward-thinking design has carried us into the 21st century.

However, continuous progress is always reshaping the world of healthcare. Over the course of three decades, there were major changes in care technology, infection control, the collection and storage of patients’ health information and more.

By 2006, it was time for us to make some changes of our own. With the community’s help, we added a fourth floor, created state-of-the-art spaces for our neurorehabilitation and joint replacement programs, and made several other aesthetic and quality of care enhancements. It’s once again time for us to make improvements, and at a more fundamental level, embrace our forward-thinking heritage.

The Because Care Matters Campaign is how we go from keeping with the times to staying ahead of them. This is our chance to replace our good equipment with great technology, to turn great spaces into a remarkable care environment, and to make remarkable care an extraordinary patient experience.

By coming together as a community, we can build a stronger Unity that delivers tomorrow’s care to today’s patients.

Douglas Stewart
President, Unity Hospital

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