Building the Best Care

Behind Unity Hospital is a Rich History of Visionary Care

In 1908, Dr. Charles Barber opened the Park Avenue Hospital at the corner of Park Avenue and Brunswick Street, where it remained for the next six decades. The hospital was then relocated to the Town of Greece, reopening in 1975 as Park Ridge Hospital. With a new facility, the hospital became a destination for state-of-the-art care, and has continued to be for more than 40 years. Today, and moving forward, Unity Hospital aims to be at the industry’s forefront to ensure our community has the best care possible.

Behind Unity Hospital is a Rich History of Visionary Care

Delivering a Better Experience

Renovating our spaces and introducing more modern features and technology, we are creating an environment that will transform your perception of high-quality care. Examples include establishing a larger oncology presence on campus, as well as enlarging the August Family Birth Place to increase the level of comfort we’re able to provide newborns and their mothers, while enhancing all associated services. Throughout the hospital, we will continue to create a more efficient, convenient and satisfying experience.

Raising the Bar for Quality

What can we do differently? What can we do better? We’re continually asking ourselves these questions to ensure you’re always getting the best care available. We accomplish this by doing what it takes to get you back to your family, your job and your everyday life as quickly as possible. Expanding our operating rooms and upgrading to the most advanced technology, allows us to accommodate more patients with greater efficiency, resulting in a higher level of overall care.

Your Support Matters

We’re always trying to improve how we provide care—from the care of a newborn to the rehabilitation of a traumatic brain injury patient to the surgical needs of an elderly family member. For these cases, and all healthcare needs in between, your gifts carry both healing power and hope.