Planned Giving

The hospitals that make up Rochester Regional Health have served their respective communities for more than 160 years, thanks to individuals who have ensured that they survive, thrive and grow beyond their own lifetimes. Because their support enables us to think further ahead and continually strive for a higher level of care, they will forever belong to the Rochester Regional Health Legacy Society.

The Legacy Society was established in 2018 to demonstrate and memorialize Rochester Regional’s enduring appreciation for individuals – past and present – who have made a planned gift to the health system.

Honored Members

While “legacy” connotes the past, this group is entwined with Rochester Regional Health’s future. On behalf of current and future generations of patients and caregivers, we thank and recognize the individuals below for their selfless and forward-thinking gifts.

Mr. David L. Brooke

Ms. Catherine R. Cameron

Mr. Donald S. and Mrs. Helen Marie Cameron

Robert H. Carrier, M.D. and Mrs. Myra S. Carrier

Mr. Mark and Mrs. Colleen Crane

Mr. Richard and Mrs. Cheryl DeMeyers

Mrs. Norma Q. and Mr. Jack A. Erdle

Mr. John Fisk

Richard J. Gangemi, M.D. and Mrs. Josephine Gangemi

Mr. Alexander and Mrs. Margareta Gazda

P. William Haake, M.D. and Mrs. Catherine Haake

Joanne I. Hessney, M.D.

Mr. William N. and Mrs. Cynthia Hosley

Mr. Gregory P. and Mrs. Susan Kausch

Mr. R. Wayne and Beverly A. LeChase

Ms. Maureen K. McCoy

Mr. Daniel M. Meyers   

Mr. David and Mrs. Jean Mitchell

Mrs. Marjorie B. Morris and I.A. Morris

Miss Marion P. Munzer

Mrs. Angela and Mr. John Olivieri, Sr. 

Mrs. Suzanne Olson and John P. Olson, M.D.

Mr. Angelo D. and Mrs. Marie G. Pantaleo

Frank Quarantello, D.D.S.

Mr. Thomas P. Riley and Ms. Barbara M. Kelley

Alvani D. Santos, M.D. and Mrs. Carol Santos

Ms. Ingrid Scampole

Mr. Richard F. Seymour and Mrs. Kathryn K. Seymour

Jane Strobino, D.S.W.

Mr. Bruce J. and Mrs. Judith Sturm Sr.

Mr. Don H. Twietmeyer, Esq., CPA and Mrs. Victoria Twietmeyer

Mr. Robert W. and Mrs. Elizabeth S. Van Niel

Ms. Patricia H. Wehle

Mr. Robert A. Woodhouse


Rochester Regional Health Foundations has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this list. If you have made a planned gift and are not listed here, please contact Brad Pearson at or 585.922.1214.