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Betsy Stockmeister's Story

Some of us are born to be teachers. Others, learners. But a select few are granted the gift to be healers. Betsy Stockmeister is all three.

Betsy always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, and, as a lifelong bedside nurse, found intrinsic joy in her ability to help people heal and feel better. “I loved helping people get to a point where they felt good enough to go home, where they have the best chance to get and stay better.”

Over time, Betsy accumulated a tremendous amount of invaluable experience, and her role naturally evolved into a leadership position. Today she is a Nurse Manager for the Riggs Family Surgical Care Unit at Rochester General Hospital, and she is also the Co-Chair and key leader of Rochester Regional Health’s EXPLORE Graduate Nursing Program.

“Now I get to work with members of my team to help them discover that joy,” Betsy wisely states. “It’s not always easy. The work we do is tough, and there are a lot of really hard days, but when I see that someone on my team has been touched through a patient interaction… well, that makes me smile. Helping them learn how they can help others.”

Day in and day out, Betsy leverages all her knowledge and skills to expertly balance the dynamic needs of patients and staff, care and operations, with a motherly grace. “Every person has a situation. Everyone brings their own story into our unit. For my patients, it’s all about affording them the best opportunity to recover no matter what they are facing. For my staff, it’s my job to make sure they have opportunities to find fulfillment in whatever form that may be.”

Whether teaching, learning, or healing, whether with staff or patients, it is clear that Betsy Stockmeister finds fulfillment in helping others find fulfillment… and that is the greatest gift of all.

Because Care Matters
Betsy Stockmeister has enhanced the lives of so many nurses under her wing and preserved the health of countless patients along her journey. It is because of people like her that Rochester Regional Health can provide exceptional care to our community and realize our vision to give every person the resources they need to live a better, healthier life.


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