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Frank and Gloria McAlpin's Story

Frank McAlpin was 52 years old when he suddenly felt excruciating chest pains.

"It was terrifying," said Frank, who at the time was swimming laps at his local YMCA. Having no previous history of heart issues, he immediately made an appointment with Gerald Gacioch, MD, at Rochester General Hospital's Sands-Constellation Heart Institute.

Timely expert treatment allowed Frank to make a full recovery from what had been a heart attack. Over the next 30 years, Frank never considered going anywhere other than heart institute for additional treatments. 

"I completely trust Dr. Gacioch and his entire team," said Frank. "Truly, I would not be here without them."

Frank and his wife, Gloria, have learned a lot about emerging cardiac technologies since his heart attack. Wanting to help others with heart conditions, the McAlpins helped the heart institute give the cardiac catheterization lab a new monitor, which helps cardiologists get the best view of each patient's heart. 

“It makes us feel good to know that we’ve made a worthwhile investment and are helping people in our community,” said Frank.

Dr. Gerald GaciochGerald Gacioch, MD, FACC
“On-going cardiac care is the lifeline of our community. Key to my success as a cardiologist is establishing an on-going relationship with patients like Frank, encouraging them to better manage their health. We often discuss fundamental lifestyle changes, which can be difficult to make. I’m here to support their efforts.”

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