Healthier mothers, healthier babies

May 14, 2017

L-R Dr. David Hannan, Carolyn Scroggins R.N., Julia Laco, Theresa Glessner, Carol DeMoulin, Executive Director, RRH Eastern Region, Susie Earl, Newark-Wayne Foundation Board Chair, Tara Gellasch, MD, Chief OBGYN, Karen Quartaro, Michaele Gantz

Smoking, and other tobacco use, is a choice unborn babies don’t get to make—and at great risk to their lives.

Babies whose mother’s smoke during their pregnancies have an increased chance of being born early, developing respiratory problems or having birth defects. There is also greater risk that they may die in the womb or from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. And according to the 2015 birth certificate database, 40 percent of women who delivered in Wayne County smoked at some point during their pregnancy.

Newark-Wayne Community Hospital (NWCH) is now better equipped to nurture healthier, smoke-free lifestyles for mothers-to-be.

A $30,000 grant from the Newark Rotary Club will support the Baby & Me – Tobacco Free Program, an evidence-based program created to address the high prevalence of tobacco use among young women during pregnancy. This gift is the result of three years of fundraising by former Newark Rotary Presidents Dr. David Hannan (2014–2015) and Michaele Gantz (2015–2016) and Karen Quartaro, the club’s public image director.

NWCH implemented the program in September 2016. The Rotary Club’s gift furthers the hospital’s goal to serve more than 100 mothers annually and counts toward Rochester Regional Health’s Because Care Matters Campaign.

You can learn more about supporting Newark-Wayne Community Hospital by contacting Carol DeMoulin at or 315.332.2258.

To learn more about the Campaign for Rochester Regional Health, visit or call 585.922.4800.