Morris and Lisk Spearhead Fundraising in Clifton Springs

Oct 10, 2017

Marjorie Morris and G.W. Lisk, Co., Inc., have been household names in Clifton Springs for more than 70 years.

Lisk takes its name from its founder, George Washington Lisk, who started the company in 1882. Lisk’s grandson, I. A. “Drew” Morris assumed leadership of the company in 1946, which was a year after he married Marjorie and settled in Clifton Springs. Prior to Drew’s death in 2013, the Morrises range of philanthropic support made them the backbone of the community, and more recently, its hospital.

A combined $3 million commitment from Marjorie and G.W. Lisk is the latest example of an extraordinary legacy of philanthropic leadership. And one they hope inspires others to follow.

Read the Morris/Lisk gift announcement to learn more.