Sharing the Love

Aug 9, 2017

Behind every gift made to Rochester Regional Health is someone who is passionate about a particular area of healthcare, someone who feels a responsibility to his or her community or someone who has a significant connection, personal or otherwise, with one of our hospitals. And more often than not, someone else, usually a loved one or a respected caregiver, inspired their act of generosity.

In June, we asked Rochester General Hospital’s annual fund donors to share who was in their heart when they made their gift. Since June 22, blue hearts have steadily taken over part of the Polisseni Pavilion Lobby.

One of those hearts belongs to Jane Stava.

Jane’s heart is a symbol for the gift she made to the Lipson Cancer Institute in memory of her late husband, Reid, who was taken from her by cancer on March 25, 2017. The staff of the Lipson Cancer Institute helped Reid fight for a year and a half before he succumbed to the disease.

Eternally grateful for the staff’s compassionate care, Jane wrote to Lipson Cancer Institute nurse manager Kathy Doerner:

“[Reid] felt blessed to have known each and every one of you, and trusted that many more lives will be extended or otherwise made more comfortable as they transition to the next phase of life because of your care.

“Reid is ‘with me’ every day and reminds me of how good people are. While his beautiful smile was compromised by Parkinson’s [disease], I know he was always smiling internally thanks to the nurses who cared so tenderly for him. I hope you will remind them of how very special they were to us.”

The sentiments of Jane’s letter are the reasons why “the patient experience” is among the top priorities of Because Care Matters: The Campaign for Rochester Regional Health. Jane’s gift will count toward a $30 million Annual Fund goal.

We want to hear your Rochester Regional Health story. If you or a family member had an exceptional patient experience at one of our hospitals,
please share it with us.

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